Oh, how she loved music!


"Honey" a tune from the 1940s was her favorite song, probably because her beloved husband John William loved so much to hear her sing it. 

Maybe she sang it like Kay Starr... (you can follow this link to hear and download it free: http://www.archive.org/details/KayStarr-01-63 


Ave Maria was Martha's favorite religious song.

Music forever provided joy for Martha, she could be overheard singing throughout her lifetime. 


    She married the love of her life John William Fister.   They shared a deep interest in gardening and the preparation of good food.  Martha was a phenomenal cook.  She enjoyed preparing delicious Sunday dinners and holiday picnics for her family and friends.


     Martha's fresh bouquets of seasonal flowers were displays of beauty enjoyed by all who visited their home. 



Anyone who met Martha could see & feel her fantastic spirit. 

She had a sensational spark of energy, serving as a Girl Scout leader, participating in PTA Family Talent Shows, playing with two Bunko Clubs, working part-time for the Lexington Convention Bureau, & writing letters to the editor concerning community issues.  
     At our 2007 Fister Family Reunion, she regaled us with stories of her family, children, parents, siblings.   Her love for all of us was quite evident....even distant cousins.

Her sweet smile and marvelous spirit will always be with us. 


3 July 1936

50th Anniversary

Martha Grace Sallee Fister

30 September 1917 - 28 February 2011