Road signs led the way to the site.   Cousins were so anxious to get started,

they began showing up two hours early.


The parking lot and grassy fields were overflowing with cousins.  Several families pitched party tents. 

Others filled the 18 picnic tables in the Summer House.

We didn't have time to get greeters in place

because everyone was having so much fun greeting each other themselves. 

Special thanks to Elizabeth and Olivia (Lena branch) for getting out the souvenir pens

and family tree update forms amidst all the excitement.


The Lena branch also contributed all-around helpers Jacob and Meredith.

That's some branch.  They had three families of McKennas that drove up from Texas!


Our photographer, Andy Sallee, still managed to get many individual photos of cousins

as they entered the Summer House.

Much laughter, frivolity and food was had by all.


Jerry Schumacher brought the special treasure of Anna's Grosser Fister's wedding ring. 

It was too big to fit my thumb! 

(Now I believe the story about Anna hefting potato barrels into the wagon.)


Johnnie Miller and Donnie Fister brought many photos, old and new. 

You should see what others sent after our reunion. (coming soon to the photo album)



The Parks Department may have closed the pool but, our children (and adults) 


were undaunted as they played in wigglin' sprinklers ,

enjoyed tennis, horseshoes, soccer and other games.


Let's do it again, before these two are college grads.


Thanks to our wonderful reunion coordinators, we had a tremendous turn out for the reunion.

Special kudos and thanks to Theresa Fister Kahmann for the inspiration, great advice,

huge financial assistance AND the Kentucky Blue wine.


Thanks JW Fister for suggesting Avon Park.  


Thanks to all who prayed for good weather.   It was ideal.   

The weather was a perfect 72  with very low humidity.


Thanks to John Peter's branch for the prayers to St. Anthony and return of my car keys.